How We Got Here

American Trust Investment Services, Inc. (ATIS) was founded in 1958 on the southern shores of Lake Michigan in the city of Whiting, Indiana. ATIS filled a financial services void in this evolving “Company Town” of Standard Oil of Indiana’s (now BP America) headquarters and their largest refinery. In the early days ATIS’s clientele were predominately local and midwestern.

Today, we service clients nationwide, with a robust range of financial solutions across traditional and alternative investment products. ATIS’ affiliated Registered Investment Advisors and Insurance agency further diversify our ability to meet unique needs.

We clear on fully disclosed clearing agreements with RBC Clearing and Custody, a Division of RBC Capital Markets and Royal Bank of Canada, one of the world’s largest banks. This relationship allows us to offer a comprehensive roster of world-class services at a local and personal level.

Our Mission

To advance each stakeholder’s goals in financial awareness, financial education, and portfolio health, in an atmosphere free from vendor constraints or agendas. Fostering long-term relationships that honor the values of integrity, commitment, and personal growth form the cornerstone of our business.

Our Philosophy

ATIS places the highest priority on maintaining its reputation for integrity and professionalism. We believe a client-first approach is tantamount to that goal, which in turn allows us to add a broader perspective to all we do.


  • Over 60 years of experience
  • Full service brokerage
  • Selling agreements with top rated mutual fund and insurance companies
  • Seasoned representatives
  • Access to capital markets

What Differentiates Us

  • Privately owned,
  • Wide range of alternative investment products,
  • Agreements with nearly all the highly rated insurance companies,
  • Traditional brokerage with access through multiple market intermediaries,
  • A robust approved product list,
  • Innovator of paperless straight-through processing,
  • Independent consultants – versus captured sales rep – no one is required to represent a single vendor,
  • ATIS Registered Reps service the client’s best interest through a multitude of product choices,
  • Registered in all fifty states,
  • Affiliated Investment Advisory custodial services through NFSC, RBC, Charles Schwab, Goldman Sachs Custody Solutions, and Equity Trust,
  • Access to Capital Markets,
  • 1031 Exchange Expertise,
  • ATIS Registered Reps receive competitive payouts and personalized transition services.


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